Wednesday, 11 June 2014

Painterly Pot

Paint Pot in Painterly from Mac Cosmetics (£14.50)
Stubborn dark eyelids or teabag lids as I've heard some of you call them....Admittedly I don't get them all the time but when I do I despise them and from what I read a lot of you do too. Well I know it's known as more of a crease less shadow I guess which when on it's own it covers up any darkness and enhances your eyes, whatever the colour. For months now I have avoided having natural lids with a liquid liner along the lid or even a kohl liner on the water line purely because if I used concealer to hide the darkness it creases or sticks so I've sworn by wearing shadows day in, day out until now! It blends smoothly, doesn't crease nor does it look cakey as well as creating a wonderful base/primer for shadows if I want to wear one. I bought 'LemonAid' from Benefit a few years back to solve this issue with my lids but I often ended up with yellow, almost white lids that easily creased, dried the skin around my eyes and all in all just didn't work so the paint pot is an absolute saviour.
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