Tuesday, 16 September 2014

My Current Foundation Routine

I really need to learn how to tame my hair, excuse the mess

Typical that on a miserable day like today my make up goes really quite nicely when I have no where to go apart from the vets and post office, pfft! Anyways I've started a new routine recently that really seems to work well on my skin and doesn't leave me feeling cakey or oily throughout the day. I'll be leaving out my skincare routine which is prior to my foundation, I might post about that soon. Annoyingly I seem to have misplaced a vital item (OR my sister has taken it with her this morning more than likely) Mac Fix+ has been my saviour, I'll fill you in where and why in my routine this has been Uh-mazing alongside my foundation.

So I know, it looks a lot to slap on my face right? But it really doesn't take long to apply, five minutes tops! So here are my Eight base must haves right now,

'That Gal' Primer by Benefit
Laure Mercier, silk creme foundation in 'Beige Ivory'
DiorSkin Forever in 020
'Porefessional' by Benefit
Garnier Roll On in 'Medium'
Mac studio sculpt concealer in NW20
'Erase Paste' in no.2 'Medium'
& Mac Fix+

So I start with creating a glowing base with 'That gal' primer and leave that to soak into my skin whilst i prepare the ultimate concoction on my hand. Combine together a blob of 'Porefessional', one small pump of Dior forever and a small squeeze of Laura Mercier's silk creme, don't bother blending them together straight away just grab a bottle of Fix+ and squirt one or two sprays straight on top of the little piles of foundation, it will create a wet consistency that could easily dribble off you hand so be careful. Make sure you don't use too much of each element as you'll find you won't need half of it and end up wasting the product so start with a teeny tiny amount of each, you can always add more if needed. Now grab a stipple brush, dab into the what looks an awful mess on your hand and gently apply to the face, starting with red and annoying areas working your way out.
Next roll one line of the Garnier roll on straight under the eye and blend out with a concealer brush, add a dot or two of erase paste into each corner of the eye and meet them in the middle blending downwards as you go and just touch up any pimples with the mac studio sculpt concealer so they are well and truly covered.

I know reading through all this sound a lot of work but once you get into the habit of it you can really speed up and I personally find the quicker you go sometimes the better finish you can 
achieve, weird really. I like how the more to play with products the more ways you find to use them, I mean I haven't used Fix+ since my holiday as a pick me up in the day and porefessional when applied as a primer leaves me with dry, lifeless skin then ends up oily at the end of the day but when used in another way makes all the difference to my make up. 

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