Sunday, 5 January 2014

Get YSL with Harrods

Harrods featuring YSL 
When I personally think of Harrods I recall distant memories of myself as a youngster parading around the Toy Kingdom spoilt for choice and I can't really say I've ever been a frequent London goer, the rare occasion that I am these days I'm one of those people sat on a bench in an art gallery trying to sketch a painting or sculpture in a small book. This being said when I was approached to pick out some products from a Beauty brand within Harrods I actually didn't realise just how many there were to choose from. Never before when searching for a brand/product would I consider Harrods....until now.
Opening the door to the postman and being faced with quite a large parcel with 'Harrod's printed all over it got me quite giddy never mind opening it up to find a sleek black box staring up at me with a 'Thank you' card to add to the whole luxurious experience of unwrapping my goodies. 
(I'm quite the sucker for lovely packaging) 
Now why YSL? I couldn't resist, it is a brand that I've never explored before and I was quite tempted by their Iconic lipsticks but when it came down to choosing two products I was drawn to the cream liner predominantly and their recently released foundation that seems to have gotten the blogging world in a bit of a frenzy. 

YSL Le Teint Touche Éclat
BR 20 - Beige Rose - RRP: £28
I am a strong believer that one girl can never have enough foundations, I've become quite the addict this year so I just couldn't resist giving the Touche Éclat a try after reading quite a bag of mixed reviews since its release earlier this year. I'll admit I don't tend to buy a foundation that cannot be tested or colour matched but after much deliberation I opted for BR 20 and to my utter amazement I knocked the nail right on the head and found myself a pretty much perfect match, hurrah! 
Now the foundation itself, I'm always a fan of a bottle with a pump so the amount of foundation was completely in my control (No wasted product here) I found it blended quite well especially when using a stipple brush and gave an instant light coverage that I could build up in the troublesome areas. Once applied it gave such a lovely glow and illuminated my skin beautifully which is something I think everybody needs with this dreadful English weather at the moment. As far as the lasting power is concerned I did apply touch ups throughout the day but with what foundation don't you have to do that? For a price tag of £28 I'd say it is a fair price in comparison with others and you definitely get what you pay for.

YSL Cream Eyeliner - 
'Deep Black' - RRP: £22
Eyeliner is one of my must-have daily products, I just can't leave the house without it. If you're lacking lashes, definition, depth or even want to visually alter the appearance of your eyes then liner can do that instantly and there are 101 ways to wear it. Prior to this I've had liquids and gel liners but never a cream and my god the difference it makes, this liner glides on effortlessly with such an intense level of black with just one sweep and it creates such a gorgeously fluid and sleek line. I genuinely cannot express how much easier and effective this creamy product is going to make my liner routine in a morning. I might even go and treat myself to a brand spanking new liner brush just to go with this. The YSL products as a whole just ooze quality with their golden packaging and elegant design embossed in the lids, I highly doubt that this will be the last that YSL see of me. 

This experience as a whole has opened my eyes to Harrods not only as my childhood paradise but also a luxury haven for all things beauty, I'm already eyeing up what I'm going to order following payday.
Harrods, I salute you!

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