Thursday, 10 October 2013

Ray-Ban Vision

(Ignore the top image, the only way to avoid a reflection was to tilt down)
When I was around 14 I got told I needed glasses and despite my mum thinking I'd be gutted I was ecstatic trying on every pair of glasses in sight. I've had a green pair of Ray Bans and they were my favourite ever glasses but as always your eyes get worse so new lenses are needed etc. so its all a big excuse to buy some new ones....obviously. Going to Boots opticians doesn't leave you with the biggest choices in glasses so I was drawn straight to Ray-Ban again and this Brown pair caught my eye straight away, I have black, green and a purpley pink so a much more neutral colour was needed. They're slightly wider and larger for me than I've had before but I quite like them (Not too big like the whole geek chic phase) When I went to pick these up the assistant actually told me that if I wanted next time I could choose the classic wayfarer sunglasses and have my prescription lenses put in appreciative as I was I wish she had told me before as they had the most gorgeous marble pair that I would have happily bought, Oh well I'll just have to wait two years.
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