Wednesday, 15 January 2014

Iphone Fisheye Lens

Thumbs Up! Fish Eye Lens for Iphone: £19.99

When I'm not taking photographs of my dog, drawing at University or blogging about make up you can find me working in a Phone Shop so I've seen a hell of a lot of accessories for phones but we've never had a Fish Eye Lens so I was super excited when I received this last week. If you were to go through my iPhone photo stream you would be faced with thousand of photographs consisting of absolutely everything (mostly food and my Darwin) Having a phone on hand to capture moments instantly is great but often they are close up shots that the majority of the time I struggle to fit everything in therefore a wide angle lens such as this fish eye is perfect for capturing the entire space you want too. 
I was a little surprised to find a black phone case, safety pouch, cleaning cloth and finally the lens all inside the box as I've only have seen the small magnetic ones that literally attach themselves directly on the back of your phone. I have to admit that the fact that either side of the circular shot gets cut short is rather annoying visually but I guess it is rather difficult to fit a decent sized circle within a rectangular screen. All in all it is an amazing novelty gift and definitely one to consider buying somebody for Christmas to get some party shots on, Oh and it also films videos amazingly too. 

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