Tuesday, 10 December 2013

Rimmel Kate Moss 107

Rimmel // Kate Moss 107

Finally the search is over, thanks to Kate Moss looking uh-mazing all over the posters promoting her new matte range. She wore this particular colour in shade 107 and it has been sold out all over! Where did I find it? In Tesco of course for only £4 instead of around £6, bonus! With Winter soon approaching I think everybody needs a deep colour in their collection, they seem to go with everything and instantly make your entire outfit look Christmassy or indeed right now for Halloween the darker the better, right? 

I'm a huge fan of Rimmel lipsticks anyway but the Kate Moss collections always seem to be the best shades available. Do not be put off by the 'Matte' finish as they still seem to give a smooth and soft feel rather than a drying effect that most of you would expect. The colour is more of a berry colour with hints of purple running throughout which is a nice change from the vibrant orangey reds that I usually wear. As far as lasting power is concerned it is perfect for a night out or a shopping trip where you know that reapplication isn't always the easiest thing so having a lipstick that even when faded is still quite intense is ideal, the only downside is the aftermath pinky stain that it leaves on your lips but what do you expect with such an intense and deep colour on your lips? 

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