Thursday, 4 September 2014

Enrapture's Totem Styler

Enrapture's Totem Styler w/ code 2-1-1
Boots, Debenhams, Argos (RRP: £79.99)
Hearing the hype revolving around Enrapture build for months now I found myself drooling over their hair styling range but was slightly apprehensive about their prices as my hair is known for being a pain when it comes to any styling what so ever so I've unfortunately wasted a pretty penny on haircare in the past. I resisted temptation right until I saw bloggers going wild online about the recent offer with Boots to grab the Encode Totem Styler for a teeny tiny £29.99, I just couldn't resist, it felt like an ultimate steal! 

In all my years of searching for that perfect curling iron I have never come across anything like this, it's genius triple barrel coding technique guarantees full control of just how you want your hair to look whether you're after tight ringlets or loose waves. Each barrel is controlled by a corresponding heat dial all working on a 3-2-1 format, depending on what combination you go for alters the outcome. For my first attempt I wanted something quite loose and much more of a wave than a curl so I opted for the code 2-1-1, I found the styler easy to handle and the fact that the cable spins on the base of the tool rather than being stuck in one position made it super simple to grasp your hair and wind up around the barrel without getting the cable wrapped around your hair. I personally don't use the grip to secure my hair as I find I always end up with a dint in my hair at the end which just will not brush out so I just wrap my hair around the barrel and hold it in place myself, I didn't really have to hold my hair around the styler for longer than 5 seconds meaning the whole process was even quicker than usual which is an added bonus for people like me with super long hair. 

As you can see I managed to achieve the loose waves I desired and with a gentle brush it gave me the natural finish I've always wanted, for a first trial I'm super impressed with the Totem Styler as it wasn't half as scary as I thought it would be with all the coding and it definitely gave me the results unlike any other styling product. I'm excited to give a little more daring combination a go next, maybe something like a 3-3-2 to create a super tight and curly look. 

For those of you that are unaware as to what and who Enrapture are then head to for more details and an insight into their other amazing tools, I'm sure this won't be the only product I end up having by this brand! 

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