Friday, 1 November 2013

Kate Moss '113' Matte Nude Lipstick

Rimmel Kate Moss '113' Matte Lipstick (RRP:£6)
Matte Lipsticks are always a little bit of a turn off for me, the idea of dry, dull and non glossy lips tends to make me run a mile the other way but the Kate Moss collection for Rimmel is surprisingly moisturising and doesn't leave you with flakey, dry lips. Following my recent post on the colour '107' I couldn't help but share with you the '113', the complete opposite to the vampy, deep shade that is 107 but much more of a nudey, pale pink that compliments such a range of skin tones. 
Like all Kate Moss lipsticks it applies easily and gives an instant burst of colour to the lips that is as buildable as you want it to be, I personally like teaming this with a gloss or the pin vaseline to enhance the pinky tones within this lipstick and to add that bit of a gloss to the lip. I love the fact that this doesn't transfer so easily, my Hue from Mac seems to get everywhere when I eat, drink etc. there is always some smudgy stain left behind usually. Definitely a colour all girls should have in their collection (as well as the rest of the Kate Moss collection) I think Kate Moss should release larger ranges or maybe just take over the whole Rimmel concession! 

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