Thursday, 6 February 2014

Topshop | Rumour has it

Topshop Lipstick 'Rumour Has It!' - £8
Topshop's lipstick range is slowly becoming a favourite of mine, they are affordable, long lasting and come in such a range of colours that consistently change so there is always at least one thing that is new with every visit (keeping you coming back time and time again I suppose). My colour preference seems to change more often than our English weather at the moment so having a wider variety of lip options on a day to day basis is something that I'm striving for this year. Looking through my collection to see quite a few reds and corals I didn't spot many nudes or toned down shades for those days when you don't really want them to be a focal point.
Spotting this 'Rumour has it' at the very end of the display I thought it looked almost like it had a purple undertone and it was much more of a brown nude than a peachy. Looking at the product itself rather than the packaging It looks awfully dark and maybe a little too brown for my skin tone but alas in the mad rush I was in I grabbed it anyways and thank god I did. Such a subtle, lovely and downright pretty shade that seems to work well particularly with a smokey eye. The lipstick itself is as moisturising and pigmented as ever with a slight sheen finish, the last photograph is with a tiny bit of the pink vaseline tin for a little touch up in this freezing cold weather, chapped lips are never a good look especially with lashings of lipsticks on the top to try and hide it. Another favourite from Topshop!
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