Wednesday, 18 December 2013

Cambridge Satchel Company

 Cambridge Satchel Company // 15' Batchel in 'Vintage' 

For those few of you that are unaware of who Cambridge Satchel are; they are a UK based company providing some of the most beautiful, traditional (and not so traditional) bags based around the classic satchel. They have a full range of bags in a selection of sizes and colours, even fluorescents. Embossing is an addition available for £5 per letter and the next day delivery was free. Their website is a definite must for you all to see just how beautiful their collections are or if in and around London, their Covent Garden store is jam packed with satchel goodness. 
Having finally opted for a 15' Batchel (a satchel with a top handle) in the colour 'Vintage' with the added personal touch of my initials being blind embossed, I did originally want gold leaf embossing but feared incase it chipped over time so the blind option is the letter press being straight into the fabric. The bag was ordered and I was informed that it would take around 30 days to be made from scratch and embossed, but to my amazement here we are not even a whole week later and I arrived home from University this morning to see a giant parcel with my name on it. 
Slicing open the box to see a dust bag staring back at me was exciting enough never mind the bag inside (I think Darwin's a fan of the dust bag as you can see) The satchel just oozes quality and the leather feels amazing, it feels just so sturdy and luxurious. The personal touch of my initials really makes me love it that bit more, oh and the fact that it will be the only thing that my sister can't borrow. I think it is pretty obvious to say the least that I'm head over heels in love with my bag and I just can't wait to take it on its first outing. I don't think this will be the last order I'll be making from them, this is just the start of my Cambridge Satchel family.  

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