Wednesday, 12 February 2014

Essie's 'Leading Lady'

Essie Winter Collection - £10 @ Boots
My lovely sister bought me this triplet for Christmas which contains three of Essie's Winter Collection polishes, I'd not actually seen this collection in store so I was super excited to try them out. Despite having my gels on I couldn't resist painting the deep red glitter over the top, it's an instant array of sparkles in quite a strong polish, definitely doesn't need layers upon layers to create that perfect glittery nail. The bottles being mini means that I might actually finish these polishes rather than having too much and them drying up over time which is perfect and definitely make them worth the money. To say how glittery this polish is and how long it lasts without chipping I found it super easy to remove, a swirl around in my Bourjois varnish remover pot, just scuff the surface with a nail file and it comes off super quickly. For those of you with the trusty old boots advantage points card I've recently received a voucher in the post for £2 off Essie polishes so if you haven't already got this offer then I'd highly recommend popping your card into one of the booths in store and printing it off as it's an amazing saving....even better for me in my household, I have my own card, my mums card AND my sisters so new Essie's all round, hurrah!!

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