Tuesday, 7 January 2014

My first ever Nars product

'Orgasm' Blush - (Selfridges RRP: £21)
Hurrah, finally I have my hands on some Nars to call my very own. I've been desperate for one of their blushes although I was surprised by their size, from reading other reviews I always imagined them to be slightly larger. After drooling over 'Luster' and 'Orgasm' for quite some time I opted for the ever so popular 'Orgasm'.
I'm a sucker for anything Coral, I think it compliments my skin tone really well and with the faint shimmer running throughout the product It really lifts my cheekbones and highlights them. I love how pigmented the blush is but also how controllable, I've tried a few blushes that give you bright pink cheeks with the slightest brush of product whereas the Nars blushes seem to apply so easier and can give anything from a flush right through to a vibrant cheek. 
I think this is definitely a start of a new relationship for me and Nars as I'm already eyeing up a variety of other products to buy. For those of you in and around London, the assistants at the Oxford Street Selfridges counter are absolutely lovely too, I'd highly recommend them....if only London was closer (sob sob) 

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