Wednesday, 18 December 2013

Naked Palette Two

Naked Palette 2 (RRP: £36)
My first Naked palette has been an absolute god send for quite some time now so when I unwrapped the second palette at Christmas (a gift from my sisters boyfriend, thank you James) I was completely over the moon, I love the fact that the whole palette clicks together and locks unlike the old one which always used to flip open when trying to travel with It. I'm not one to use the mirror that comes inside so the fact that made it larger didn't particularly effect me but for those of you that rely on that mirror it's such a better idea to use the space provided for a larger mirror. I feel that the new style of brush is a lot better with a double ended brush, one for application and one for blending so you can literally take this palette anywhere you go. Just like the first palette the shadows are highly pigmented and blend with such ease. Since receiving the second palette i've been asked by a few of you which one I prefer as a lot of people don't want to purchase two. Personally I much prefer the actual compact itself of the second palette but as far as the colours as concerned there are a select few from both of them that have developed into my favourites, it is nice having more matte colours to choose from in the second as well as a jet black, for those of you after a palette to create a nude, natural and contoured look then I'd probably advise the basics palette that Urban Decay now have.

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