Wednesday, 16 April 2014

Nars | Luster

Nars Blush 'Luster' - £21 
Another trip to London meant another trip to Nars in Selfridges to pick up what I left behind last month, their blush in the much loved shade 'Luster'. Just like last time the assistant was super lovely and jumped at the opportunity to try some lovely products on me, the thing that caught my eye though was the way she applied my blush, rather than swirling the brush madly around the compact she patted the side of the brush gently and that patted the product onto my cheek with quite a small, flat precision brush, initially I thought surely this won't actually apply it and truth be told it looked better than it ever had done before....definitely an application technique I'm going to steal for blush in the future as I found it to apply just in the place you wanted it rather than giving you big rosey circular cheeks.

Anyways back to Luster, a gorgeously warm colour with a golden peachy tone and slight shimmer undertones that really enhances your cheeks. For so long I've turned to pink blushes to try and give me that flushed look whereas this seems to really warm up my cheeks with a hint of colour and add a little more depth when I don't want to contour with bronzer. I think it's going to be absolutely stunning once summer comes and I have a little bit of a tan (hopefully we'll get some sunshine this year) Despite my love for lipsticks I think I'm slowly turning into a bit of a blusher admirer. So Nars, what should be next on my wish list.

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