Monday, 28 October 2013

Ombré Lips

Revlon 'Plum'// Rimmel Kate Moss' 107 & 08

If you guys aren't already aware I absolutely love lip products. I believe a bold, strong lip can completely transform a look. Ombrè doesn't seem to be going anywhere just yet and when searching the internet for hair styles I came across somebody talking about Ombrè lips, I've seen a lot of this lip style since using two shades of lipstick, after sifting through my collection of lip products, I've been able to narrow down to these three to create my look; Revlon's Plum, Rimmel's Kate Moss 107 and finally another Kate Moss shade from her previous collection in 08.
I first apply the palest of the three to the majority of the lip, leaving the edges as I don't need to focus being neat on them at the moment, taking Rimmel's 107 and a small precision brush I apply the middle shade starting in both corners into around a third way in along with lining the lip ever so slightly towards the centre and then with the same brush I take the darkest of the three by Revlon in Plum and apply right to the inner corners either side. What works perfectly with these three lipsticks in particular is how creamy and moisturising they all are meaning that once all three are applied if you 'smush' your lips together the colours blend effortlessly creaming a seamless finish. Finally to finish take some of your favourite concealer to neaten up the edges and make your lips pop a little more. 

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