Thursday, 26 December 2013

Real Techniques: The Core Collection

The Core Collection - Boots (RRP: £21.99)
Yes, I jumped on the brush band wagon but who can deny how amazing these brushes really are. I have to admit these are a Christmas present to myself and although I think people initially these are a little pricey you do get a four piece along with a case/stand for them. When you take into consideration how much a singular brush from companies such as Mac and Benefit are you do get your moneys worth with this set. The foursome include a small precision brush for concealer or lipstick, a flat foundation brush for easy application, a fluffy highlighter brush and a buffing brush for powder.
I opted for the buffing brush as a brush to stipple my foundation on and I have genuinely never had such a flawless finish, long gone are the days of cakey foundation or concealer. I've then taken the what is supposed to be a foundation brush for applying concealer as I felt it was far too small to apply foundation all over my face. The buffing brush has been perfect for contouring and getting precision shadows or highlights where needed. Finally I've not particularly used the smallest brush for much until this morning when I realised it was perfect for applying eye shadow underneath the lower lash line so you don't end up with a big dark mess from larger brushes.  I've been trying to keep on top of cleaning my brushes daily since purchasing them and so far so good, I don't know what has taken me so long to buy these brushes but I highly doubt I will ever turn back from this brand, I'm eyeing up the other sets and individual brushes now.

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