Thursday, 20 March 2014

Topshop | Head Over Heels

Head Over Heels Cream Blush: Topshop
Having loving my 'Nutmeg' cream blush for quite some time I decided to get my hands a new Topshop blush when I was in the Oxford street store, this time a bright coral in the shade 'Head Over Heels'.
The packaging is the classic Topshop white with rough dots printed all over the top but for me a compact mirror isn't really something that I use especially as I tend to apply all my make up at home and don't really take a make up bag out with me. The product itself is a creamy, highly pigmented blush, be careful with your brush as you can easily get a little too much and end up with super bright cheeks. I quite like the fact that it is an orange toned coral, it creates a slight flush on the cheeks if you apply a little, if you do apply a little too much it blends effortlessly into the skin. The only downside to all cream blushes for me is the fast that before the consistency is a thick cream when you do use a brush to apply it bristles often get stuck which is a pain but all in all I love these blushes and can't wait to try out some other shades. 
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