Thursday, 15 May 2014

'Big Bang' Apocalips

Rimmel's Apocalips 'Big Bang' // £5.99
I love a good lip product as much as the next beauty blogger but finally getting my hands on this gem has made me realise just why Rimmel's apocalips are becoming the new cult product that you just have to buy. The packaging itself is sleek with a gloss black top that resembles that of a mineral rock and the bottle is clear so you get a true portrayal of what colour to expect out of the packaging. The product is a thick gloss that has an instant boost of colour that glides on effortlessly, it leaves a soft finish that doesn't at all feel sticky like a gloss but far more moisturising like a balm. As far as lasting power is concerned it does last for several hours but I've found that if you don't have the product to hand to reapply after this time you end up with a pigmented lip liner effect so if you're wanting to wear it all day then I would keep it with you throughout the day. You'll more than likely see a variety of colours from this collection popping up on my blog in the near future.
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