Wednesday, 11 December 2013

New Product // All-In-One BB Cream

I've find myself becoming too reliant on foundation recently and I don't think my skin is appreciating all the heavy make up clogging up my pores, it's a vicious cycle, you get awful wear foundation to cover it up then your pores get more clogged and so on and so on. In a bid to still get a little coverage but being some what more gentle on my skin I decided to give BB cream a go. The Body Shop have released a new All-In-One BB cream, available in three shades; fair, medium and dark. With the lack of sunshine I'm at my palest at the moment so opted for the 'fair' shade which has turned out to work perfectly with my skin tone.
The instant product that is released is a white glossy cream but as soon as it hits your skin pigment-filled capsules burst to reveal a pearlescent colour that when applied blends effortlessly and undetectable with your own skin. Being a light to medium coverage it doesn't completely hide any blemishes or dark circles but does help to correct those red and patchy zones, I find adding a little concealer to the areas that you feel needs a little bit more attention works wonders especially under the eyes for me. I really like how weightless this feels when its on your face, one of the lads I work with actually said 'You can normally kind of see your foundation but you don't look like you've got anything on today' (I don't know if it was a compliment or not?) The bonus of a BB cream is that it isn't only make up but also good for your skin, I'm already seeing a huge difference in my complexion from not clogging up my pores as much. A far easier, quicker and more lightweight approach to getting a flawless face daily and at only £12 a tube it is far more inexpensive then my usual foundation choices. 
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