Monday, 31 March 2014

Crystal Clear Skincare Range

When it comes to a skincare routine I am anything but persistent, I find it tedious, time consuming and down right annoying especially when all you want to do is get into bed. I'd much rather spend my time applying make up than removing it. Crystal Clear have a small range of products all designed to help you achieve that widely desired healthy, refreshed and natural glow.
Wipe Away The Years £27
First up is the 'Wipe Away The Years' Cleanser, a cream created to turn back time and replenish your skin. As much as I was dying to love this product for its endless list of ingredients that protect, nourish and completely enhance your skin I can't help but feel that this product just wasn't for me. Now i'm all up for trying to take care of my skin but maybe an intense anti-aging cream isn't really something I need just yet. Admittedly I found it super moisturising but a little too intense as unfortunately I broke out really badly literally overnight. Thinking this just could be an initial impact I stuck with it for a little while but found my skin just to get worse and more irritated. 
Illuminate £60
Illuminate sounded exactly like what I was after, a brightening heavy duty cream packed with everything your skin could wish for. A lot of my current creams tend to be quite thin and leave your skin wet to touch. This product on the other hand is super thick, you can instantly feel it absorbing into your skin without feeling at all greasy or oily. An added bonus is the smell, an instant fresh citrus scent of grapefruit. To say that the main effect of the product is to brighten and illuminate your skin I found it to help tonnes with dry patches, even my make up applied better creating an instant dewy finish. The only downside is the price.....personally I feel £60 is a hell of a lot for a face cream but if it continues to be as amazing as it has been I might have to make that sacrifice to my bank account.
Deep Cleanse Gel £27
Leaving my absolute favourite product until last, I don't know whether it's the ever changing weather or just my skin hating life at the moment but I can't remember the last time I had 100% clear skin so after reading up on this gel I had high hopes. These 3 samples will hopefully last me quite some time as 2-3 tiny blobs is enough for my full face. It's a translucent gel that has quite a cream consistency that quickly becomes matte, once you start rubbing it in you begin to feel the product to stiffen ever so slightly almost like a gentle face mask. A quick rinse with warm water and your face feels squeaky clean. After giving up with the cleanser following my dreadful break outs I found this gel to help speed up the healing process and not only get my skin back to normal but improve it overall. I wouldn't really says it's a product for daily use but roughly 3 times a week cleanse to get rid of any impurities that make up leaves behind. I think I'm definitely going to have to invest in the full size bottle. 

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