Wednesday, 21 May 2014

'Stellar' Apocalips

(Excuse the blurry photograph, it was a rushed kind of day. Oops)
Rimmel Apocalips 'Stellar' - £5.99
Apocalips lip lacquers are becoming my go to product at the moment, you can pick up some of the most gorgeous colours that suit most skin tones. 'Stellar' is a vibrant poppy-esque red with a pinky tone, a little different to my usual red lip that I tend to reach for. Without trying to state the usual Apocalips review pointers with this ever so popular product I'll try to keep it simple. The spongey applicator soaks up a lot of product with one dip into the tube so there is no need for several layers to build up the lacquer. There is an instant burst of colour that easily applies onto the lip surface, lasting power? I wouldn't say they're AMAZING but they do have some lasting ability, just make sure you keep them with you to reapply once or twice over a long day as you'll find you the centre part of the lip to fade quicker than the outer so you begin to get that lip liner effect. With a super glossy finish that doesn't get gloopey or sticky, you'll find them to be ultra moisturising and smooth. I tend to like a little bit more of matte finish so I gently dap my lips with a tissue to take away a little of the gloss.
Definitely an all year round colour, I think it'll look even better in summer with a tan!
 (Here's hoping we get a little sunshine over here in England)


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