Wednesday, 13 November 2013

Colour Sensation Lipcolour 'Coral Tonic'

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Maybelline Colour Sensation Lipcolour // Coral Tonic // £7.19
Maybelline hasn't necessarily been a brand that I want to fall to my knees for in happiness, to be honest it just tends to be one that I walk by, I actually think this all stems from my pure hated for the foundation 'Dream Matte Mousse' it is just one of those products that reminds me of being 13 years old, nobody had a clue about make up and lathered themselves in this cakey, thick mask. Bleurgh! Oh, to be 13 again! Despite saying this after testing a sample of their BB cream I just had to buy it and that is when I got drawn into the whole stand of lipsticks (Hold me back!) Lip products seem to have become my absolute weakness especially corals, I think this is all a sign that it is almost summer. 
'Coral Tonic' in 422 is a vibrant coral pink although it almost looks a bit more red in the bullet than coral, the packaging is quite bulky when compared to the likes of Mac or Sleek but still small enough to throw in your bag. On application it instantly feels smooth and super moisturising, it is not at all drying and gives a slight sheen like a balm to the lip surface which feels amazing when you rub your lips together. The colour itself when applied is super opaque and isn't at all as bright as you would imagine from looking at it, it's quite a toned down coral which is perfect for me. Even after a while of wearing this you still feel like you're just wearing lip balm or moisturiser it is literally that soft on your lips, perfect. I feel ever so slightly guilty for ignoring Maybelline for such a long time, I think I'll definitely be finding myself drooling over some more of their lipsticks in the near future. 

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