Wednesday, 23 October 2013

HD Brows: My First Treatment

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Back in around 2011 Glossybox put HD Brows on the beauty map by providing customers with a brow palette, ever since then I've heard the brand name being thrown around every so often but never actually seen their products in person. When in my local salon I spotted a full HD brow display and I think it is safe to say I got a little too excited and booked an appointment instantly. I'm quite obsessive with my plucking ritual so letting them grow was pretty painful but definitely worth it. So let us get on with the treatment itself......

When booking your appointment you should be provided with an official HD brows patch test, this is to ensure the tinting won't cause any inflammation etc. Your beautician should remove this patch for you on the day of your treatment. On arrival you receive a full consultation on your shade, shape and everything in between to make sure you are 100% comfortable with the treatment you are about to undertake. First up is tinting, word of warning....they do smother your brows and surrounding areas so don't be alarmed when you spot yourself in the mirror with two giant slugs for brows on your face as this isn't the final result, unless that's the look you're going for of course! 

Now for the nitty gritty and somewhat slightly painful bit, be prepared for a concoction of waxing, threading and tweezing to perfection....yes all three! By the end of the procedure you will literally feel like you have nothing left up there. In all honesty the worst part for me was probably the waxing on the underside of the brow where your skin is pretty thin, from that point on it almost feels slightly numb so I suppose the rest of the treatment isn't as painful as you would expect. After what feels like a lifetime of plucking and trimming you even get a little make over using HD products, filling in sparse hair zones and hiding your red patches with mineral products meaning they won't block your pores. 

Prices can vary depending on your location, mine being in quite a small town definitely effected my price tag of £25 whereas your higher end salons can go anything up to around the £50 mark. I've already got my next appointment booked in 8 weeks times and I'm already super excited as they say by the third or fourth appointment you tend to have the brows of your dreams, it's been amazing not having to worry about tweezing my brows or colouring them in religiously. The only thing I honestly regret is not letting anybody sort out my brows sooner.

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