Wednesday, 30 July 2014

Highlighting & Contour with Sleek

Face Form Light Contour Kit // Sleek // £9.99
I feel contouring is definitely was of those techniques that you have absolutely no idea about until you look into and watch tutorials for make up looks or get truly intrigued into how Kim Kardashian has that amazing glowing bone structure and definition. This all-in-one kit from sleek is perfect for a contour beginner like me, it comes with a matte contour shade, a slightly shimmery highlighter and a coral with gold undertones blusher to finish. The packaging is a neat black clip case that can easily be wiped down if dirty and comes complete with a compact mirror in the opposing side so you can apply on the go if needs be. I was a little hesitant as to whether I would be able to achieve the perfect contour and I'm still yet to really go for it and apply a lot to get that highly defined Kardashian look but for now the lightly defined look has been my daily must since I bought the kit. I think it is definitely a keeper as I find it quite difficult to find a good matte, non-orangey contouring power so until then I think the reasonable price of £10 is worth it especially for three products in one.

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