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Neal & Wolf // Ritual Hair Care

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Neal & Wolf
Having never heard of Neal & Wolf before I was super surprised just how lovely their range was. They are a professional haircare company that make the daily chore of maintaining your hair quite the luxurious experience. With a simple yet elegant logo and ultra sleek, stylish packaging the whole ora of these products ooze decadence. After giving a brief description of my hair I was lucky enough to receive a trio that should turn my abundance of bad hair days into quite the opposite. 

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Neal & Wolf Ritual
  Shampoo (250ml // £10.95) & Conditioner (200ml // £11.95)
I thought I'd combine the two Ritual products as they work hand in hand with one another. The Ritual range is designed to thoroughly clean your hair, leaving it feeling refreshed and more than ready for styling. Now the smell is something that I just can't seem to put my finger on, don't get me wrong it is lovely and probably more of an acquired taste but it is definitely one of those smells that you associate with that instant scent you get when you walk into a salon, a strong clean smell that isn't really at all floral but quite intense and rich. What I love more than anything about the smell and brands such as Neal & Wolf the products seem to last when you're out and about, every so often you catch a little bit of the smell of these products, it seems to stay fresher for longer.

Now the shampoo itself lathers up lovely, you feel it really getting to your roots and cleansing your hair right the way through and then I followed with a much smaller amount of conditioner to the tips, I've found using conditioner on my roots can make them quite greasy so i tend to avoid it now and my tips tend to get the most damage usually from when I comb it through and it breaks. I then let my hair dry naturally for about an hour before drying it, I've found my hair didn't have half as many tangles and brushed through with ease which is an absolute god send for somebody like me with long, thin hair. I'm already a huge fan of this duo and have used them everyday since they arrived in the post. 

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Neal & Wolf Elevate
Volumising Lotion (200ml // £11.95)
And finally Elevate, the first time I used this product I covered my hair a little too much and when it came to blow drying my hair it felt heavy and greasy despite only just washing and drying it, I wasn't sure as to whether it was the shampoo and conditioner or Elevate that had caused it or whether I had just not washed everything out properly. The second time I used this product in particular I was sure to use a pea sized amount and made sure I dispersed it evenly, this time was more successful but I still found my hair a little bit heavy, I think my hair doesn't really take products like this very well seeing as it is super fine and can easily get clogged up and dirty. I think I need to figure out the best way to use this product for me, maybe just apply it in specific areas or comb it through. I wonder if it would be more effective if it was a spray tube rather than the pop lid in which you have to apply it with your fingers, this way I could spray it evenly from a distance to make sure I don't smother my locks. Here is my hair freshly washed and blow dried, I think it is safe to say this is more natural volume then I have ever had before. 
(Sorry for the poor photo, I really need to figure out how to photograph all my hair well)
All in all I am definitely happy to have been introduced to Neal & Wolf as a brand and I am going to have to make a few purchases from their website especially their Fix and Glow shine sprays for finishing looks. 
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