Thursday, 8 May 2014

Benefit | Fake Up

Benefit's Fake Up Concealer '01' £18.50
Nothing excites me more than a new Benefit product and with all my concealers conveniently running out all together this product couldn't have come at a better time. Available in three shades I opted for the lightest colour '01' to brighten and conceal under my eyes. The concealer itself has a cream core to match your skin tone and a hydrating ring to hold moisture and be a little more gentle around the eyes on the thinner skin. The packaging as always is absolute lovely in a reflective bullet with a twist up function meaning you can get right to the base of the product when it starts to run out and it is the absolute perfect size for throwing in your handbag on a long day. Usually I tend to have the medium shades in Benefit's products but after trying both '01' & '02' I found that '01' was far more brightening for under my eyes rather than skin toned.

This is just a review to add to the long list of glorious reviews boasting about how amazing this concealer really is, although I will admit when you first buy it be sure to soften it on the back of your hand rather than drawing it straight on as I feel the product can be a little sturdy and can drag the skin. The second photograph above I thought I would show you just how the product looks when it is applied but not blended, it is a little bit opaque but you can see the level of colour that is applied to the skin initially, blending it out is easy and effortless meaning you aren't applying too much pressure onto the thin under eye area, I use a beauty blender in a gentle stippling motion to avoid brush marks too. Now the durability, it is quite light and long lasting although I've found on those days when my eyes are quite heavy and I apply a little extra than normal that the concealer does unfortunately crease, to be honest I can't complain though as I doubt there is many concealers out there that can do a full day at University/Work without getting creased and I tend to carry a powder around with me anyways.

Now that I've had time to play and really get used to the product it has been my go to concealer every day, I just need to buy '02' now to conceal my blemishes and dark spots.

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