Sunday, 24 November 2013

Enrapture's Heated Rollers

Enrapture Heated Rollers // £74.99 

Currently on offer at (Correct on the 28.6.13)
 Argos for £39.99
Boots for £39.99 
John Lewis for £39.99
Amazon for £39.99

For almost a year now I have contemplated buying these heated rollers but the ever so intimidating price tag of £74.99 for yet another hair tool was enough to put me off. After seeing reductions come and go at a variety of stores I finally took the plunge.

 photo IMG_1694_zps4d3a4d92.jpg
Being on quite the large side means that they are a little tricky to store but they are sleek enough to have out on display if needs be. So start by heating them up, this is measured by the glowing bars on the front and once thy are ready be sure to turn them off at the plug to avoid them conducting further heat and potentially burning yourself. Co-ordination has never been my strong point so it did take several attempts to perfect my rolling technique but even then as you can see you're never going to get amazing positioning when it comes to doing this yourself. Wrap your hair from tip to root around the velvety roller and secure with the equally heated clip. Continue this for your full head, I've discovered I'm about 4 rollers short of a full head so I rely on my Totem Styler to curl the last remaining bits. 
After having the chance to experiment with the cooling times has shown me the obvious....leave them to cool longer and you have a stronger curl although a quick ten minute cooling period did leave me with lovely loose waves. I personally like to leave them to get completely cool for around an hour - apply make up, get dressed, eat etc. whilst I'm waiting.

I've included two photos, the one at the very top is the result I get as soon as I've removed all of the rollers (Personally a little too curly for me) The photograph below is the look I prefer which is where I take a large paddle brush, tip my head upside down and brush it all through gently, definitely gives my hair a lot more shape and volume. 

(Before & After) 
Unlike most styling tools these don't actually get tangled in your hair either, as soon as you release the clip the roller cleanly falls out leaving you with your voluminous curl. Once they're all removed it tends to take a little tweaking and adjusting especially around the fringe area. For me I'm a little grossed out that hair styling is always best and more effective on dirtier hair but finally i've found a tool that prefers freshly washed and dried hair meaning you don't have to feel a bit of a scruff to achieve a nice style.

If I had been able to use these rollers this time last year i would have jumped at the opportunity to buy them, even at full price surprisingly. Heated rollers and the totem styler, Oh Enrapture you really are over achieving aren't you?!

ps. If you could design an amazing hairdryer Enrapture that'd be great, thanks!
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