Friday, 22 November 2013

Lush's Get BIG hair

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'Big' Shampoo // Lush // £11.25
I've heard big things about 'big' shampoo (pardon the pun!) and at first glance it is hard to believe that such a salt based product could make your hair feel so incredibly soft and clean. Initially the consistency is a little off putting, a watery yet gritty solution that feels rough to touch and definitely doesn't feel like something you want to smother your hair in. One of the store assistants selling points was that 'Big gives you a head massage at the same time as cleansing your hair'....errr, no I don't think so unfortunately as I felt like I was scratching my scalp raw, personal opinion but I think its far better to get a decent amount in your hands and rub together, making a super thick and almost creamy foam to lather up your hair with.
Rubbing right into the roots, I know it sounds weird but your hair genuinely feels fully cleansed and squeaky clean between your finger tips, almost a little rough if that makes sense. Using a tiny bit of my usual conditioner just on the tips of my hair and I'm good to go. I like to let my hair dry mostly on its own then blast it with a hairdryer once it is around 90% naturally dry. After doing this, bare in mind this is completely my usual routine I've found that Big gave me a much glossier finish, it was smooth but not too soft that I couldn't style it and the huge bonus for me was that it lasted, I didn't have to return to washing my hair the following morning which for somebody that spends hours waiting for their hair to dry it a huge god send.

Initially I thought the price tag was a little steep but now I couldn't think about the price any less, it is such a good buy. I actually put this blog post together roughly around 2 months ago and just haven't got around to sending it live, since writing this I've literally use 'Big' every wash, I am already onto my second pot and I couldn't imagine washing my hair with anything else. Lush has been genuinely my hair saviour and believe it or not but my hair after continuous use hasn't at all become dry or lack in effects which I usually find when I stick to one product for a long period of time. Favourite hair care product ever!!

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