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Enrapture's Jumbo Waver

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  The Product 

Having long hair definitely has its downfalls, styling it can be an absolute pain and incredibly time consuming so finally having a tool that can create a voluminous, unique look to my hair in a matter of minutes is an absolute god send....I introduce you to Enrapture's Amplify Jumbo Waver. 

Having already used two of Enrapture's tools and being highly impressed with them (Totem Styler Review) & (Heated Rollers Review) I was desperate for  the Jumbo Waver to not disappoint. Unpacking the styler I was happy to see another sleek metallic purple box with a handy heat resistant mat tucked inside. My initial thoughts on the product itself was my sheer panic of just how large it is, my mum referred to it at a 'machine'....I didn't know if I would be able to hold it up not to mention curl my whole head of hair. The Jumbo Waver itself is a triple 25mm 'S' barrelled styler that creates flowing waves in an instant on all lengths of hair, the titanium plates themselves give your hair the ultimate shine effect ultimately making your hair look super healthy. 

  Getting Started  
There is a heat dial on the handle that depending on the strength of the wave you're wanting to achieve obviously is decided by the heat so choose accordingly, I opted for between mid-way and high. Leave them to heat thoroughly and you're good to go, initially I found trying to hold the styler at the right angle as well as trying not to burn my head quite difficult to begin with but with a little practice you learn to adjust and find your perfect position to easily move the styler. 

Tip // Once you style your first bit at the root, just go over the last wave again with the final barrel to create a consistent distance between each wave, yes this means that you will apply heat to your hair twice as you work your way down but it is worth it for even looking waves. 

For my first attempt I began with sectioning off all my hair and working on small piece, I quickly figured out that the bigger the section the better as the styler is big enough to take it and now I don't even bother sectioning my hair, I literally grab my hair in four parts, two on either side and curl the lot meaning there is a nice consistent wave throughout the large areas. In less than 5 minutes I can have my whole head finished and ready to go.  


I love the lift you get particularly at the roots with the Jumbo Waver as well as the fact that it gives a really natural finish, I've even had people ask me if it is my natural hair and if I usually straighten this out....I wish! As much as I love the instant effect the styler gives with the glossy waves I actually prefer the day after, it is a lot looser with no wave apparent at all at the roots but a tonne of volume. Rather than brushing it completely out I use my fingers to gently pull through a few of the tighter waves and grip back my fringe. I've found the best result is when I wash my hair at night, let it dry naturally then quickly use the Jumbo Waver and tie my hair in a loose top knot for bed, wake up in the morning and I can literally undo my hair and have this super texturised, voluminous hair that lasts me all day long. 

Despite being a little unsure as to whether I would suit the whole mermaid/princess look that the Jumbo Waver gives I have completely and utterly fallen for it, it has been my go to tool all week and I've definitely been favouring it over my totem styler which that in itself is an absolute shock. 

Oh Enrapture. Third time is a charm after all! 

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