Thursday, 31 July 2014

Get Whiter Teeth in 7 days with Rapid White

Rapid White 1 Week Whitening Kit // £8.16 // Boots
After having braces for what felt like a life time I've been toying with the idea of getting my teeth professionally whitened since I had them off in December but it is just damn expensive so finding cheaper alternatives has been my mission....I've tried all different whitening toothpastes, crest strips, ideas off of Pinterest and nothing was really working for me until I stumbled across this beauty of a kit from Rapid White. 

The kit contains a set of mouth guards in a protective case, the whitening gel and accelerator, whitening toothpaste and a tooth shade chart. Everything looks almost travel size as it is a week long treatment so don't be put off with the super tiny tubes. You start by moulding your mouth guards to the shape of your teeth by placing them in warm water to make them pliable then pushing them down on your teeth....I already had gum shields from my many whitening attempts so I stuck with my already moulded pair. 

Now you can either put the gel straight inside the mouth guard but I found I wasted a lot the first attempt so instead I take a cotton bud and apply it all over the surface of my teeth then push my shield into place, next take the accelerator to activate the gel and rub the tip of it all over the surface that you just placed the gel on. Something to be aware of is the amount to use, I was super careful the first few days thinking I wanted to make it last and not smother my teeth for the first few days then run out, instead I ended up with tonnes of it left towards the end of the week so I was able to use it just over a week. Now it is a waiting game, I tend to leave it on for the recommended 10 minutes but I have read that people do leave it longer and still feel no sensitivity so it is kind of down to personal preference. Once I remove the shields i can taste the not so nice gel but they is a small price to pay for the whitening benefits you're going to receive, after swirling my mouth I then use the toothpaste to finish off the treatment. 

I personally found my teeth to react within 2/3 days of starting the procedure so by day 7 you can imagine how much of an improvement i've had with my teeth (I wasn't clever enough to think of taking a before shot for you so you'll just have to believe me when it comes to the change) I'm definitely no where near that 'Hollywood' smile but they are so much whiter and brighter than before, finally I've found a treatment that works for me and doesn't cost a fortune. It isn't advisable to do this treatment week and week obviously so I'm going to leave it until I have an event or night out planned to do my next box! 

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