Wednesday, 4 December 2013

Elf Cosmetics EyeBrow Stencils

Brows are the maker or breaker of many a faces and the bolder the better seems to have developed into the craze of the past year or so.....personally I don't let mine get too wild although they do tend to have a mind of their own and get a little crazy every now and again. 

Getting the perfect shape is an endless mission, have you achieved your rightfully positioned arch or are you full of regret for getting pluck happy last week and now have a bit of a lack luster brow? Well, don't panic as you're definitely not the only one and here is a simple way to get a quick brow fix. 

I introduce to you...EyeBrow Stencils!! 

Being 90% happy with my brows I wasn't desperate for stencils but intrigued more than anything, I didn't bother researching them but jumped right in at the opportunity to snap up a kit from Elf Cosmetics for a steal price of £1.50. 
 photo IMG_4301_zps20117f34.jpg  photo IMG_4259_zps8e403c8e.jpg  photo IMG_4271_zps75c0ff1f.jpg

In a neatly packaged cardboard envelope, I eagerly tore it open to find several little plastic cards with pop out brows in four different arch shapes including 'Soft', 'Structured', 'Curved' and 'Full. The application is as easy as you would imagine, line up the plastic stencil with your own brow and pat or brush on your preferred brow product, I'd personally recommend powder or even brown eye shadow and a flat eye shadow brush as it applies it quickly and evenly.

The overall outcome....well I can't say I'm completely sold on this as a day to day process as it gave me incredibly defined and literally PERFECT brows which aren't too natural looking. If I was after a completely made up look with full brows then I'd definitely reach for this set again especially with Halloween just around the corner, it would be amazing for anybody doing a Pop Art look with that strong brow but I highly doubt I'll be relying on this in my make up routine every morning. Saying all of this though, I have to admit if I applied product a little lighter so I was able to brush a lot out then I think it would create a great base line to follow if you struggle to get an even shape. Completely worth a try for the price!

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