Sunday, 19 January 2014

MesmerEyez Contacts

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Back for Halloween I decided to buy a few sets of eye contacts to complete my outfit - instead I ended up in Birmingham watching some friends play a show and never bothered going out and getting dressed up. You always want what you can't have right? Well having always had brown eyes obviously I wanted blue for a change… seeing as I was ordering freaky ones anyways I couldn't help but order some Diamond Blue ones too. 

Never before have I attempted to put eye contacts in and I can honestly say it is the weirdest and most nerve rattling experience watching your finger get closer to basically poking yourself in the eye. A few failed attempts and I have mastered the art of avoiding blinking and adjusting the lens to fit perfectly. For those of you attempting contacts for the first time don't bother with make up beforehand as your eyes will stream I can guarantee it. 
Despite all the messing around, look how weirdly cool they look once they're in - I almost didn't want to take them out. I definitely freaked my family out, it's quite weird how much the colour of your eyes can change your entire appearance. They were comfortable to wear and easily removable, these ones were just suitable for 1 days wear but you can pick 30 day contacts in which you just wash them in contact fluid. A quick and fun way to alter your look but definitely not something I'd be looking at doing on a regular occasion. 

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