Monday, 17 March 2014

Quick Brows with MeMeMe's Arch Angel

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MeMeMe Cosmetics // Arch Angel*

The time of the Brow is continuing to reign throughout 2014 and products are being promoted left, right and centre. Now I'm a sucker for brow products whether it's to groom, tame or enhance my brows so I jumped at the chance to try out MeMeMe Cosmetics 'Arch Angel'. A double-ended wand of brow gel that adds colour whilst holding those pesky runaway hairs in place and the opposite end is a highlighting cream that lifts the brow. Admittedly MeMeMe was a brand that I had spotted in passing but never committed to trying anything so I wasn't completely sure what to expect - pleasantly surprise is an understatement to say the least! 

I think just unwrapping the neatly packaged item was enough to woo me, anything with a bow and I'm instantly sold. The packaging itself is incredibly detailed with an intricate pair of illustrated angel wings, everything about this brand just oozes femininity and elegance. I quickly brushed my brows through and got to work with the gel, a small bristle brush that is perfectly sized for your eyebrows making it super easy to quickly brush them through, coating them in a dark brown gel that not only enhances the colour and fills in any sparse areas but also holds everything in place which is ideal for my out of control brows at the moment. Following the gel you take the highlighting cream on what I can only describe as a lipgloss wand and add a few little dots of product to the brow bone (be careful as you do get a lot of product on the wand) and I used my little finger to gently dab the cream along the brow line to lift the whole area and enhance the overall arch. 

The product being dark brown is absolutely spot on for the colour of my brows and I found it just enough to make sure my brows still remained natural looking as it doesn't create the harsh line that a powder and a angled precision brush creates. It literally grabbed every single flyaway hair and kept it securely in place all day long without making that whole area feel stiff as well as not smudging which is always a bonus. Definitely a go-to product for those wanting to avoid the scouse-brow but in need of a little help in that department….If you're as desperate as me to see what else MeMeMe has to offer then head to their website for a full range of products, they're lipsticks look UHHHHMAZING!! 

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