Wednesday, 19 March 2014

Revlon '225 Sultry' ColourBurst

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Revlon // Sultry
(Excuse my sleepy eyes, I think I need to invest in a good nights sleep!) 

A punched up pink ColourBurst that is perfect for those a little more daring in the day but not in need of a vibrant, in-your-face shade. If you're after something a little more subtle then go have a looksy at my review of Complex Matte ColourBurst - I think it is safe to say I want to collect them all.

If you're aware of my blog then you'll know I love a good lip product but whenever I feel a little wild and sport a super bright lip in the daytime, there is always somebody that says 'Oh gosh, you're wearing a lot of make up today aren't you?' (More often than not, this is my mother I'm speaking about) and all it is in reality is my lipstick, everything else is exactly the same as usual but that addition of a bright shade changes the entire look. This being said I've been on a hunt, a lipstick hunt for a shade that not only makes me feel a little more 'made up' but keeps my mother at bay and Sultry is exactly that colour.

A gorgeous colour that is several shades darker than my natural lip and it is a matte formula that looks lovely with a little gloss on the top to give it a touch of shine if you aren't wanting to sport a matte finish. I find it extremely complimentary with minimal eye make up as well as working well with layers of liner, shadow and mascara.

Definitely a must have for your daily make up bag.

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