Monday, 28 April 2014

Elegant Touch Monochrome Mani

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Elegant Touch // Boots

I'm not really one for pampering but I could get my nails prepped, polished and painted all day long but there is one major downside to it all - the price tag! 

I used to pay £25 for my nails to be shaped and coated in UV gel polish, this used to give me roughly 2-3 weeks wear before needing them redoing as well as being desperate for a change in colour. Yes, they were gloriously shiny and didn't ever break but I just couldn't justify that price especially when studying an art degree where I end up covered in ink and paint daily. Since stopping going to the salon in January my nails are boring, misshapen and brittle so I needed to give them a quick pick me up. 

Introducing my Elegant Touch Monochrome Mani, I've never really applied falsies myself so I was a little apprehensive but after prepping my nail properly and squeezing some Nailene glue onto my nail there was no looking back, they were all stuck down and were not budging. Fast forward almost three weeks and they're still going strong, well kind of….. in the pack you get 24 nails, I've found the black pattern chips quite easily so I was replacing nails every other day to keep them looking brand new. Talking of the pattern, I LOVE the fact that they are a clash of patterns that you can mix 'n' match.

For around a third of the price, a quirky monochrome look and lasting approx. the same time as a salon mani I'd say it's a winner all around. I'm keeping my eye out for other falsie sets now, I think the Little Mix Elegant Touch sets are next on the nail agenda. 

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