Monday, 26 May 2014


Oh, hello new hair!
So for those of you that follow me on Instagram you may have seen last week that I uploaded a photograph of my freshly cut locks as I finally succumbed to my desperate need for a pick me up in the hair department by adding a little bit of colour for summer. Now I've never dyed my hair before so the thought of doing so terrified me, luckily my best friends sissy has the magic touch so I knew I wouldn't be left disappointed. 

I didn't hate my hair before, I was just a little fed up and seeing as I'm never too adventurous with the cut I opted to spruce things up with a little colour taking me from a dull, dark brown to a multi-toned dream that looks absolutely amazing when the sun shines on it making it literally glow. Admittedly seeing a bright blonde sample of one of the colours I was having left me a little hesitate but on my hair it was no where near the same outcome but much more of a subtle caramel, bronzed shade. Since having it dyed and cut bluntly I've noticed my hair is a lot softer, shinier and full of volume - definitely 10x healthier than before. The only downside is that I'm already planning on what to have done next….eeek! 

I headed to Brownes Hairdressers // Sheffield
(Head to Instagram and look for the hashtag hairbycatherinaaah too)
Ps. I wish I could have these two to help out with the boring blowdrying all the time.

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