Sunday, 7 September 2014


The Bathory Custom Bath Soak*
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When in need of an escape from reality and a little bit of 'me' time, a relaxing bath can be just the trick. A new UK based company known as 'The Bathory' aim to provide you with the ultimate experience by allowing you to create your very own custom bath soak.

The whole process is quick and incredibly easy, there are a couple of simple steps and maybe a few difficult decisions when it comes to deciding on which oils you'd like but all in all you feel completely engaged and involved with the product of your product.

Being a design student I couldn't not mention the well thought out branding of this company. With the tagline 'Let's Get Naked' you instantly feel the not-so-serious nature of the brand, it is fun and inventive whilst the modern-classic typographic packaging is raw and packed full of information.

So what did I choose? I opted for a soothing batch of Grapefruit, Chamomile and Bergamot infused together to create the ultimate chilled out experience. I LOVE the fact that it is a powdered substance rather than salts, I really dislike the sensation of bath salts against your skin before they dissolve fully. The powder instantly vanished when poured into the water, I poured roughly about 2/3 cup and the aroma filled the room pretty much straight away. Having a bath over a shower is rare for me and definitely a luxury, my custom bath soak enhanced the experience entirely. Not only did I get out feeling completely refreshed and calm but my skin was silky soft and glowing. I think it is safe to say I will be indulging in soaking over showering more often.

Get creative and make your very own bath experience at 

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