Thursday, 8 January 2015

Edge of the Deep

Double tartan mixed with a subtle floral print, all thrown together underneath this perfect jacket for spring. As we start to veer away from Winter and our Spring wardrobe can start creeping slowly back into force, this top is a perfect transitional piece with its knitted, warm material for those colder days combined with a toned down floral print to bring us into the new season. Being such a low-key pattern means that it can be teamed with more vibrant, heavier patterns without being overpowering or clashing, so I've made use of my Winter accessories and kept my love for tartan going with this Barbour scarf. Although mostly hidden i'm in love with the inner fabric of this jacket, it's a classic tartan that peeps out of the hood transforming this piece from your average beige mac, Drop Dead always nail the little details such as the branded zipper and patch.

The hype around ripped jeans has been huge but rather than forking out for a pair of pre-ripped Joni jeans from Topshop, I opted to buy a new pair and rip my original, slightly tatty ones - I kind of prefer the rough edges of ripping your own jeans in comparison with the neatly cut ones in store.


Bateman Coat*  |  Drop Dead
It's all in the details with the inner tartan, engraved zipper and neck patch. 

Tartan Scarf  |  Barbour
A cosy tartan scarf, being made of wool makes it super warm too. 

Black Joni Jeans  |  Topshop 
Stupidly comfy jeans, DIY ripped knees.

Granma T-shirt  |  Drop Dead
A knitted cotton top with a oversized floral print on it.

Boom Boots  |  Topshop
My favourite boots at the moment, Zip detailing and a chunky heel.

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