Tuesday, 13 January 2015

Liz Earle | Hot Cloth & Instant Boost

Liz Earle  |  Skincare Discovery Gift

I'm incredibly late to the Liz Earle hot cloth cleanser party but better late than never I guess. Over the past few years I've bought Liz Earle sets for my friends and family but never for myself for some bizarre reason. The Skincare recovery kit comes with a bottle of the ever so popular Hot Cloth Cleanser, two muslin clothes and a bottle of Instant Boost.

Cleanse & Polish 
It only took one go with cleanse and polish and I was in love, I'm quite protective over my muslin clothes so I make sure I've 100% removed all of my make up before using them to prolong their life and not get them grubby too quickly. On dry skin, usually just before I get into the shower I apply one pump of the cleanser onto my face and gently rub it all over my face including over my eyes and down my neck slightly.

 I leave the tap on to heat up to a hot but still touchable temperature and soak my cloth, squeeze it out so it's slightly damp and gently scrub away the cleanser. The hot sensation of the cloth feels great on your skin and once all of the product is removed my skin honestly feels incredibly soft especially my lips. After a quick shower my skin still feels great but I spray my face with the skin tonic spritzer to finish it off, it's instantly refreshing and even more so after a hot shower. To be honest after these two products I don't tend to use a moisturiser at night as my skin feels hydrated enough. 

My skin as a result has cleared up from a post Christmas break out and is much more of an even tone. I'm awful with skincare routines but having this and seeing the results quickly has really encouraged me to keep it up. Skincare is definitely a case of trial and error until you find what really works for you.
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