Saturday, 31 January 2015

Lush | Golden Wonder

Farewell Golden Wonder 
(for another year at least) 

I'm not particularly a bath type of person, they're too time consuming and I get incredibly anxious thinking about the 101 things I need to be doing instead of lying there thinking about those things…..this is all until January strolls around. Post Christmas when the rush is all over, the build up is gone and for me, well I'm waiting for next semester to start. It's the one time of the year where I'm generally not busy and can actually chill, work from my bed and get prepared for the year ahead all whilst floating around in a bath full of lush goodies that I received as gifts.

Lush has an array of Christmas classics and the one I always hear about is the insane explosion of colour that Golden Wonder creates, a neat gold glittery parcel with a white bow is what you're faced with but the second it hits the water, it fizzes all over the place unwrapping a variety of hidden layers as it goes. My personal favourite is the moment it releases all of the little stars into your bath as it is always so unexpected. Once it's finished it's fizzing show you are left with a deep teal colour to your bath and the silkiest skin ever, it always surprises me what a difference a bath bomb can really make and definitely a luxury I should try to enjoy more than one month a year, saying that we're only part way through January and I'm already onto bath bomb no. 5.
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