Saturday, 10 January 2015

Lush | Mask of Magnaminty

Lush // Mask of Magnaminty

Get control of your breakouts with this super minty concoction from Lush, a face and body mask that really packs a punch thanks to its key ingredient of peppermint oil. Lush face masks have always been my favourite and by far the most effective on the market when it comes to calming down my skin, but none of them can begin to compare with this one.

When you open the pot you instantly get hit with the minty scent, it actually smells like something to put on your teeth rather than your face. Give your face a generous coating and just wait for the fresh and cold tingly sensation to begin, you'll also notice the little beads running through it, these are aduki beans and they are there to give your face a mini exfoliation as you scrub it off. 

Once it's been on a little while, roughly about 10/15 minutes (although the first time I used it I was that engrossed in a film it stayed on over and hour and a half and I had half of it flaked all over my top). Either splash your face with warm water to loosen it up or just a wet flannel, it takes a little bit of rubbing away especially if you've left it on a while. 

The aftermath is super soft skin that doesn't feel dry or tight, obviously it may not give the same results for everybody but I find that it helps keep my breakouts at bay and those few pesky spots that sneak through are soon healed thanks to this mask. It can be expensive to keep replenishing a Lush face mask but this little pot goes a lot way, even more so that it isn't like the usual fresh face masks that last a matter of weeks. 

Also remember to keep your pots once you're finished as 5 add up to a free mask.  
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