Tuesday, 22 September 2015

All about them Brows

My brows have survived their fair share of pluck happy moments especially as a teen and they have taken a lot of patience to grow back to their original state. Brow products are up there with my most used (needed) products as of late thanks to the boost in brows but it has taken me some practice to get away from my 'drawn on' approach to brows that I became attached to when I first discovered brow powders to where I am now, a much more natural looking brow. 

Receiving messages about my brow routine got me thinking...everybody suits a different style so there is no right or wrong answer regarding what to do and a case of practicing and a little assistance is what works best so I thought i'd share some of my tips that have helped me along the way.

Invest in a pair of good tweezers, I swear by my Tweezerman flats and my trusty No.7 'Demon' Mirror (You know what mirror i'm talking about, the one that flips for a magnified side and reveals blemishes and flaws that you didn't even know existed.) Avoid those blemishes though and focus on your brows, this mirror ensures every hair is there to be banished. 

Wax, Thread, Tint and Pluck
If your brows are in a sorry state then opt for a little help in the form of HD Brows, this is the only time I've ever let somebody else loose on my brows and although I came out looking a little surprised and feeling like a bald chicken it pointed me in the right direction and gave me the initial shape to maintain myself - I know beauty therapists won't advise this as they would prefer you to keep coming back for treatments and bring them in the money but after one treatment roughly two years ago I've been able to continue to shape them myself. 

Pencils are great for quick and easy brows but the best way to create a natural looking brow is to use an angled liner brush and a gel or powder, you can replicate individual hairs in quick motions using the brush and blend outwards into your exsisting brows. Seeing as I have really dark brown hair I go for more grey tones in my brown products rather than warm shades, at the moment I'm obsessing over Anastasia Beverley Hill's dip brow, a thick gel that literally doesn't budge once dry so you don't end up with smudged brows at the end of the night. 

Just don't. I tried these (luckily a cheap set from Elf) and they are literally the most pointless beauty product I have ever attempted to use. You get a bunch of different brow styles, literally overlay them on your brows and colour in…..you end up with scouse-brows on a whole new level, obviously feel free if you want that drawn on approach where you end up having brows drawn on where there actually is not a single hair there but personally, not for me and I won't be wasting anymore money on them. 

Also, just remember they don't have to be pristine, that's the joy of brow trends right now as if you have a few fly away hairs it's classed as fashionable. Finally, I know you will have heard it a million times before but brows are sisters and not twins so you will always get one brow that wants to look that bit better than the other, just like eyeliner - no matter how much you try, they will NEVER match.

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