Tuesday, 10 February 2015

Kerastraight | Hair Essentials


Heat Protection Spray
Having such long hair means that I do my best to protect it any way that I can, attacking your locks daily is kind of a necessity for most women but to be honest, my worst trait is my hairdryer, I always forget how much heat it kicks out and in doing so, damages my hair. This spray is super lightweight and spritz' on the hair rather than spits meaning that you can a much better coverage, after a couple of brushes through my whole head is coated. Once dried, my hair doesn't feel heavy with product, to be honest it just feels really soft and clean. My only issue with it is that I keep forgetting to apply it to my wet hair. 

Moisture Mist
I'm never quite sold on shine sprays or moisture mists when I spot them on the shelf, in my head I tend to think they will make my hair look greasy or even feel less clean so I've never really given them a go before. After several uses I have to say I'm still not sold on its effect, I just don't think these products are particularly for me. 

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