Wednesday, 18 February 2015

Simple | Skincare

Simple, a brand that just seems to hit that skincare nail on the head. Recognisable packaging, undeniably well priced and a trusted brand by many in the beauty world.

Cleansing Facial Wipes
As much negativity as face wipes receive, I absolutely love them as they are incredibly easy to grab out the drawer and remove the majority of my make up quickly. Simple wipes don't ever make my face sting or my eyes water and thanks to consistent offers going on in the likes of Boots or Tesco I always end up stocking up on these wipes to last me months. 

Facial Toner & Cleansing Lotion
After declaring my underlying love for face wipes let's be honest, they're never enough on their own. A cleanser and toner help to really give you that squeaky clean finish and are sure to banish any left over traces of make up. Again these by simple don't leave my skin feeling tight or dry but just, well, clean. 

Moisture Boost Hydro Mist
For me, Mac fix+ will always be the ONE and any other mist I buy unfortunately doesn't compete. This hydro mist is actually really good when you get a gentle mist rather than a tonne spraying on your face all at once. The issue I have is with the bottle and not necessarily the product so seeing as I'm getting to the end of my latest Mac Fix+, I'm almost tempted to decanter this one into the existing bottle and see what the outcome is. 
(I'll keep you posted on the update)

Vital Vitamin Day Cream
Moisturising, ssssmoisturing. I hate the feeling of your hands after smothering your face or body in any type of body butter or cream. This one actually soaks into your skin instantly and gives you hours of hydration, bonus but for me I just can't cope with the packaging again - I hate having to stick my fingers into tubs of product as I get it all stuck under my nails and just it's turns into a bigger faff' then its worth. Brands need to get all involved with this squirty tube business, it's a blessing in disguise. 

These are just a few of simple's products that I've tried out over the past few years, it is literally that cheap….not to mention the deals you can grab on a frequent occasion that you may as well give them a go and if they don't meet your expectations then you aren't fully out of pocket (only a little bit). 

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