Sunday, 20 September 2015

Smashbox | Sunkissed Matte Bronzer

Smashbox Cosmetics 
Bronze Lights | Sunkissed Matte

Having never tried Smashbox before I was wasting some time perusing the counter when I heard…

'If it's good enough for Kim K then it's good enough for me'

Instantly I was interested in whatever she was trying (shameless, I know!) There is worldwide admiration for the flawless, blended perfection that is Kim Kardashian's make up, some may argue that she wears far tooooo much but nobody can deny the perfected art that is her make up and apparently it is no secret that she loves Smashbox bronzers for her famous contouring. 

It was love at first sight, the super matte bronzer was a perfect tone for my skin and the fact it wasn't too orange was a bonus. I quite like that the packaging is a screw top making it super secure and sturdy when travelling or throwing in your make up bag for the day. My trusty Hoola has unfortunately had to take a back sit the past few weeks for this new beauty and I don't think it will be making a comeback any time soon. 
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