Thursday, 5 February 2015

The Ultimate Blending Brush, Mac's 224.

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I can still hear my purse hating on me just a little following this purchase but my god, it was worth it! Being a Real Techniques enthusiast I never thought I'd go over to the dark side that is MAC but I've officially had my arm twisted on a recent visit to their Meadowhall counter. 

I give you the
 Mac 224 Tapered Blending Brush

Expensive? Yes.
Sleek and well made? Yes. 
Incredibly soft and seem to make eye makeup a doodle? YES!

Eyeshadow is a practice makes perfect kind of job but having the right tools can really help the situation and this brush seems to be a staple for most after conducting a little research (I say research…I mean googling reviews to convince myself I didn't waste my money!) Admittedly I learnt some nifty tricks that made me fall in love with the brush that left me in dire need of it in my life. 

Nifty Trick no.1
Smokey eyes that easily turn panda-esque.

Nail that smokey eye every time. Load up the 224 with your desired Eyeshadow and look directly into the mirror, press the brush into the outer corner of your eye and follow the crease line across 2/3 of the way, the bristles will push out ever so slightly but this should give you a perfect outline for a smokey eye, be sure to not go above the line you have just created and it's fool-proof.

Nifty Trick no. 2 
Concealer Crease Nightmares.

Not only a useful one for eye shadows but also a concealer wizard, rather than patting or brushing your concealer, use the 224 to buff the concealer in meaning it will stay there for longer, not crease and generally look flawless. It actually surprised me how well this brush worked with concealer, just be sure to wash the brush between uses as a combination of dark eyeshadow and concealer under your asks is a disaster waiting to happen. 

I've never really given in to the whole 'Mac Brushes are the best' kinda thing but I can definitely see why they are the favoured of the bunch, definitely an investment.
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