Wednesday, 4 February 2015

Topshop | Beguiled Lipstick

Topshop  |  Beguiled Lipstick

First things first, check out that clean flick….I'll never be able to achieve that again!

So back to the main focus….this lovely deep wine shade of a lipstick from Topshop's cosmetics range called 'Beguiled'. I always forget how wonderfully creamy and pigmented their lipsticks are and definitely far more purse friendly when compared to the likes of Mac Cosmetics. The packaging is the usual black and white wind up bullet with a flat base and top making them perfect for storing, plus the white packaging makes them far easier to find when you throw them in your handbag. 

Lipstick is always my favourite part of any look as it's a sudden burst of colour that can make an instant impact. Despite it being my favourite bit it always seems to be my most rushed part of getting ready as usually I put it off right up until leaving the house so it's not smudged or faded (usually I'm cramming my face with food up until I leave the house so lipstick isn't ideal.) Being in such a rush it can often leave me without time to apply a lip liner which can sometimes be a fatal flaw but with Topshop's lipsticks this doesn't seem to be a problem as it glides on leaving a clean line behind that doesn't tend to blur or smudge and stays this way for hours without being jeopardised. 
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