Friday, 24 April 2015

Benefit | Roller Lash

Benefit Cosmetics  |  Roller Lash

I can be super picky when it comes to mascaras and tend to buy replacements of my favourite few. Benefit's famously known They're Real! mascara was so damn good, so much so that I have a spare ready and waiting to go. This being said with a new one on the horizon, I wasn't so excited early on as I didn't think they could up their game anymore.

After dashing out to grab a sample with Elle magazine (like most other women of the UK) I was instantly sold and had to grab one full size. It gives you longer, fuller and not a clump in sight lashes and better still, thanks to it's precision wand it does the exact same job to my lower lashes too. Check out the third photograph to see the difference it makes to my lashes. 

They're real! was definitely amazing.....until the removal came and it quickly turned into a loosing battle between myself, my lashes and a thousand cotton balls. Roller Lash on the other hand doesn't smudge but comes off easily at the end of the day making it far better for my lashes not having to pull and rub them. All in all it has definitely secured its place as my new favourite mascara, I've even been able to ditch my liquid liner in favour of letting my lashes speak for themselves. 
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