Sunday, 19 April 2015

Deep Sea

Become a real life mermaid with these metallic scale shorts complete with the most perfect patch attached to the back. I swear by Drop Dead's shorts, I've tried 1,000,000 pairs of shorts from an array of brands and none have ever fit me like DD's……they are snug on the waist and almost have this A-line fit so they aren't super tight on the top of your thighs like a lot of shorts making them super flattering.

ps. The best hair day ever award goes to me (thanks to the Blow Creator team in Sheffield)


White Crochet vest  |  Missguided
Baggy racer back vest in a  mesh crochet.

Black wrap around bralet |  Missguided
Perfect stroppy number for underneath a sheer top.

Mermaid Shorts |  Drop Dead
Everybody needs a pair of mermaid metallic scale covered shorts.

Low top sneakers  |  Converse
Super comfy casual footwear.

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