Thursday, 23 April 2015

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Luna Cleansing Device*

With what feels like ten million cleansing devices on the market at a range of prices, which one should you buy? I've been toying with the idea of getting a cleansing brush for quite a while and with my temperamental skin being at its worst at the moment this couldn't have come at a better time.

Forget about having to fork out for replacement brush heads or having to remember to charge it after a handful of uses, Luna lasts once fully charged up to 450 uses, perfect for those going away this summer. It uses T-Sonic technology pulsations sent through its flexi silicone bristles to really make your cleanser work its magic. The curved edges and egg-like shape fit perfectly into the palm of your hand making it super easy and comfortable to use.

Apply your favourite cleanser and press the start button to begin the vibrations, in 20 second stints you are expected to focus on one area of your face at a time to ensure you get a deep clean, the pulses stop and quickly restart to let you know that your 20 seconds are up. To be honest i've been working mostly on my nose and chin and in the past two weeks I've already noticed that my black heads have been kept at bay and my pores have definitely reduced in size.

Admittedly I wasn't chuffed after a few days though, my skin broke out but my overall tone improved. After reading a few reviews I discovered that some people do experience this after the first few uses as they skin almost clears itself out as it responds to the deep cleanse but once you get past this initial stage make way for glorious skin. I've found that just using this with my daily facial wash has helped really remove my make up and really clean my skin before bed. The effects are even more noticeably when make up is applied, it just seems to sit better and blend more effortlessly than ever, It's definitely one to stick with for the long haul I think and here's hoping I'll be able to ditch the foundation this summer.
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